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NP700 pneumatic positioner

NP700 pneumatic positioner
NP700 pneumatic positioner
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Neles NP700 pneumatic positioner can be used with either piston or diaphragm actuators to provide excellent repeatability and accuracy, with either rotary or linear control valves in a wide range of applications. It offers a rugged construction with few parts. A small moving mass and rigid mounting provide excellent resistance to vibration. Multiple pilot valve sizes are used to match positioner capacity with actuator stroke volume that significantly improves response times, particularly with large control valves. Direct or reverse action of the NP700 is field reversible without changing piping and is easy and fast to calibrate. 


  • NP 700


  • Pneumatic positioner

Input range

  • 0.2 - 1 bar, 20 - 200 kPa, 3 - 15 psi

Temperature range

  • -40 to +90 °C / -40 to +200 °F

» Link to NP700 series pneumatic positioner technical bulletin 

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