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Neles Control Valves

Rotary Globe Valves

Rotary Globe Valves
Rotary Globe Valves
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Nhà Sản Xuất : Neles                                                     Neles RotaryGlobe                                                          Neles RotaryGlobe is an innovative and revolutionary rotary control valve for wide range of applications providing high standards of performance in terms of flow control accuracy, reliability and safety. Efficiency, high availability and safety of the process are enabled as a standard by features such as low emission packing and simple and modular top entry construction.

  • ZX
  • Flanged, one-piece body
Pressure ratings
  • ASME Class 150 - 1500
  • PN40
Size range
  • 1/2" - 2" / DN15-50
  • 3" - 4" / DN80 - 100, ASME Class 900-1500
Temperature range
  • -80°C…+425°C
Standard materials
  • CF8M and WCC
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Globe valves

Globe valves

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