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Limit switches

Limit switches (Neles SolaR)

Limit switches (Neles SolaR)
Limit switches (Neles SolaR)
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Nhà Sản Xuất : StoneL                                                      Neles SolaR – Limit switch for general purposes

General purpose engineered resin Neles SolaR offers unparalleled value. Neles SolaR´s quick set cams, multiple conduit entries, and quick lock partial turn cover allow rapid set-up and installation. Electrical options include mechanical switches, Maxx-Guard hermetically sealed switches, SST solid state sensors, Namur sensors and dual module communication terminals. Neles SolaR is a cost efficient solution when there is no demand for approvals.


  • SR
  • Limit switch
Input signal
  • Depending on the bus solution
Supply Power
  • Taken from the bus or separate power supply depending on the bus solution
Temperature range
  • -40 to +82 °C / -40 to +180 °F
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