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Baumer Pressure Instruments


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Nhà Sản Xuất : Baumer                                                      Baumer has a wide experience in electronic as well as mechanical pressure measuring instruments.

As the inventor of the Bourdon Tube-Principle Baumer Process Instrumentation (formerly Bourdon-Haenni) is a proven expert in the field of high-end manometer


The broad product range contains first-class solutions (MEX5/MEX3) for demanding environmental conditions as in the petro-chemistry or in salt-water applications. In addition, we develop special solutions like for example for military and civil aeronautics or ship building. Many EPC-Contractors value Baumer as a competent partner for process instruments for the construction of refineries, power plants or water treatment plants.

With our electronic pressure transmitters we are in the unique situation to master four different pressure technologies. This allows us to offer the ideal solution for almost all applications.

  • Metal thin-film
  • Piezo-resistive silicon
  • Capacitive ceramic
  • Ceramic thick film

Our offering ranges from specific solutions for market segments such as food & beverage, oil drilling, water treatment or water treatment to cost-benefit optimized OEM-products. The modular concept allows us to react quickly to customer specific requests.

Pressure measurement

  • Different communication possibilities (analogue signals, bus systems, displays, relays)
  • Comprehensive choice of proven measurement technologies
  • Stainless Steel design
  • Pressure range up to 1600 bar
  • A wide range of process connections, chemical seals as well as other accessories
  • Various certificates (ATEX, 3A, Lloyd´s etc.)
  • Programmable with FlexProgrammer (FDT/DTM based)
  • Different housing concepts (field housing, cylindrical design, submersible design etc.)


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