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Eclipse - Features

Eclipse - Features
Eclipse - Features
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Nhà Sản Xuất : StoneL                                                               StoneL’s Eclipse features dual solid state sensors with optional communications neatly integrated into a sealed module. The function module and trigger/indicator attach quickly and conveniently to standard VDI/VDE 3845 (Namur) actuator accessory mounting pads.

 The Eclipse series is available in non-incendive and intrinsically safe versions (EN) for hazardous areas with a removable module and in a general purpose completely sealed micro-connector version (EG).


Feature Rich Design Offers Incredible Value

  • Position sensors, communication electronics and power outputs for solenoids are integrated into an extremely compact, rugged enclosure.

  • Red/Green visual indicator boldly displays valve status, and coordinates with Red/Green LEDs.

  • Fully submersible and capable of high pressure wash down.

  • Eclipse sensors and electronics are fully sealed to eliminate hazard threat and corrosion problems.

  • Direct attachment to ISO/Namur mounting pads.

  • High intensity red and green LEDs indicate electronic switch status to confirm electrical operation.

  • Sensor triggers are adjustable in 3.5 degree increments through 360 degrees for precision and flexibility.

  • All mechanical parts are made of Lexan® or stainless steel for corrosion resistance and durability.

  • No moving mating parts assure long life and trouble-free operation.


EN: The Ultimate in Convenience, 
Reliability & Cost Effectiveness in Class I, Div. 2 Areas.

  • Suitable for all hazardous areas.

  • Rated for NEMA 4, 4X, 6 (intrinsically safe and
    nonincendive approved: IP68).

  • Additional termination points and dual conduit entries eliminate junction boxes for solenoid valve termination.

  • Convenient wiring compartment and
    pre-labeled terminal strip enables rapid installation.


EG: Convenient MicroConnector Wiring

  • Available with additional built in connector for solenoid termination.

  • Micro-connectors with potted and sealed enclosure
    eliminate any threat of moisture contamination in wiring.

  • Electronic module integrated permanently into enclosure.



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