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Flow Control

Faure Herman Turbine Flowmeters

Faure Herman Turbine Flowmeters
Faure Herman Turbine Flowmeters
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Turbine Flowmeters

Faure Herman has built a worldwide reputation thanks to the HELIFLU turbine flowmeter, which has an established and enviable reputation in the oil industry.

Heliflu uses a unique helical blade technology which makes it insensitive to density and viscosity.

Helical Rotor

-  Much better behavior in viscous applications

-  Keep same K-factor on the viscosity range

-  Long term stability of performances

-  No need for often proving

-  The only turbine meter on the market for Master Metering on installations handling various products

-  Less sensitive to wax, fibers, sand

-  Each helical rotor is specially designed and adjusted to be in perfect agreement with customer application

Titanium Rotor

-  Much more mechanically robust, chemically resistant and lighter than stainless steel (better reactivity to flowrate change)

Removal Cartridge (except TCX)

-  Ease of maintenance operations

Calibration on Hydrocarbons of Equivalent Viscosities

-  Plug & play meter

  • Approved by European metrological bodies (except TCX)
  • No Need For Upstream/Downstram Straight Lines (on loading rack or aircraft refueling operations)

Custody Transfer - Turbine Flowmeters


-  TZN


-  TCX

-  TLM

-  TLM-C

-  TCN

Flow Computer

-  FH6200

Process Industry - Turbine Flowmeters


-  TCX

-  CTA

-  TIL

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