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Neles SwitchGuard™ SG9000 intelligent on/off valve controller

Neles SwitchGuard™ SG9000 intelligent on/off valve controller
Neles SwitchGuard™ SG9000 intelligent on/off valve controller
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Nhà Sản Xuất : Metso                                                      Neles SwitchGuard™ SG9000 intelligent on/off valve controller                                                                             Neles SwitchGuard is one of the latest additions to Neles SmartSolutions product range. It can be used on top of all valve actuators in all industry areas, but its benefits can be best capitalized in high cycling and process critical on/off applications.


Since SwitchGuard is an integrated solution, it reduces installation costs by eliminating the need for external solenoid valves. The high pneumatics capacity of SwitchGuard makes it possible to reach fast valve opening and closing times without any extra instrumentation. This way also the need for engineering work is minimized.

With SwitchGuard you are able to control valve opening and closing with ramp profiles. This means you can define the valve opening and closing times, as well as the stroking ramp profile independently. This feature is especially useful in minimizing the pressure impacts on piping (water hammering). With SwitchGuard’s unique diagnostics features you can follow the condition of your on/off valves and practice true predictive maintenance. With openFDT communication technology and with Metso’s FieldCare field device configuration and condition monitoring tool you can use this valuable information to plan your maintenance activities better and to prevent unexpected on/off valve failures. This, in turn, ensures high availability in switching applications and cost efficiency in maintenance

User benefits 
Increased reliability
  • Reliable and robust design
  • Rugged cover protects the unit from environmental hazards and external abuse
  • Expandable architecture
  • Local / remote operation
  • Language selection: English, German and French
  • Speed control for switching
Advanced device diagnostics 

» Link to technical bulletin 

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