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Ball Valves_Ceramic ball valve (series E)

Ball Valves_Ceramic ball valve (series E)
Ball Valves_Ceramic ball valve (series E)
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Nhà Sản Xuất : Neles                                                Ceramic ball valve, series E                                              E2 / E6 series ball control valves are designed to meet the most severe erosive service requirements of wide range of industrial applications in pulp & paper, petro-chemical, refining and related Industries with improved process safety and efficiency of plant. E series valves using new generation ceramic material (magnesia partially stabilized zirconia) lined flow path and trim parts are suitable for highly abrasive rotary control applications such as lime mud, metal slurries, titanium dioxide and cement production, where no metallic coatings like stellited surfaces do not last. Ceramic valves enable to extend the plant process availability and lower the maintenance costs.
  • E2 & E6
  • Reduced port, wafer, lugged
Size range
  • DN 25 - 150 / 1" - 6"
Pressure classes
  • PN 10 - 40 / ASME 150 - 300
Temperature range
  • -40 to +450 °C / -40 to +840 °F
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