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Ball Valves_Top entry rotary valves (Top5)

Ball Valves_Top entry rotary valves (Top5)
Ball Valves_Top entry rotary valves (Top5)
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Nhà Sản Xuất : Neles                                                                Top entry rotary valves, series Top5                                         Top 5, T5 series top entry rotary valves are designed to meet the requirements of chemical, petro-chemical and refining industries with improved process safety and efficiency of plant. T5 series valves with famous trunnion mounted Stemball® design are suitable with wide rangeability for demanding heavy duty rotary control applications such as crude oil, hot residual oil, LPG and other hydrocarbon gases (natural gas, ethylene, synthesis gas), and hydrocarbon vapors under medium and high pressures. Modular valve construction makes the valve selection easy for wide application range and allowing reduction of plant’s spare parts and valve inventories.


  • T5
  • Reduced port
  • Flanged or weldends
Size range
  • DN 25 - 400 / 1" - 16"
Pressure classes
  • PN 25 - 100 / ASME 150 - 600
Temperature range
  • -200 to +600 °C / -320 to +1110 °F
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