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Neles On-off Valves

Buttefly Valves (series L9BL90B)

Buttefly Valves (series L9BL90B)
Buttefly Valves (series L9BL90B)
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Nhà Sản Xuất : Neles                                                 Neldisc high performance triple eccentric disc valves, series L9B/L90B, weld end                                              The L9B/L90B-series valve is a high performance triple eccentric disc valve. The body is fabricated of boiler vessel quality carbon steel, and can easily be welded into the piping without preheating. As a result of the unique geometry, contact between the disc and seat is mechanically induced, and does not rely on assistance from differential pressure. The L9B/L90B-series seating principle is based on the same ingenious design applied in over 300 000 other Neldisc® valves already delivered.


  • L9B / L90B
  • Weld ends
Size range
  • DN 250 ... 1200/10" ... 48"
Pressure classes
  • PN 20/ANSI 150
Temperature range
  • -50 … +250 °C / -60…+480 °F
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