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Neles On-off Valves

Buttefly Valves_Wafer type (series L12)

Buttefly Valves_Wafer type (series L12)
Buttefly Valves_Wafer type (series L12)
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Neles Neldis series L12 is a wafer type metal seated high performance triple eccentric disc valve. With close to equal

percentage characteristics and superior tightness Neldisc triple eccentric disc valves operate both in control and shut-off applications. Light valve construction paired with Neles B-series actuator provides cost-competitive solution for control and on-off applications. As a result of the unique geometry of Neldisc, the contact between disc and seat is mechanically induced and does not rely on assistance from differential pressure saving investments cost. The valve is very tight even in low dp applications.


  • L12


  • Wafer type

Size range

  • DN 80 - 1400, 3" - 56".

Pressure classes

  • PN 10, 16, 25 and ANSI 150.

Temperature range

  • -50 °C … +260 °C / -60°F…+500°F

» Link to L12 series triple eccentric disc valve technical bulletin 

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